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Thread: HaTr 5

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    HaTr 5

    With all the hoopla about Nova Sco 1437, has anyone been able to see its nebula?
    HaTr 5
    PK 343-0 1
    PN G343.3-0.6
    RA: 17h 01.467m
    Dec: -43 05.92'
    Size: 2.0'

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    Hi Sue,

    It is on my list to try but I might have to wait till next spring at -43 I need to catch it when it is on the meridian and sadly it has past it at astronomical twilight at my observatory.

    From the POSS II images it looks like it will be an interesting object.
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    I haven't taken a look either, though Kent Wallace reported a negative observation using his 20" a number of years ago. It transits a couple of hours before the end of astronomical twilight so will be tough to catch for northern observers, but is still well placed in the southern hemisphere.
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