Hi everyone,

Its already been brought to our attention on how users are not being automatically directed to the first unread post in a thread. Unfortunately I've been told by the creators of our software that this feature isn't automatic as you may be accustomed to on other forums. Here at DSF.com it will take an extra click to get you there. We apologize for this but until the software builders change the code its what we'll have to do.

Here is a short tutorial to explain what i mean.

From the homepage you'll see the "What's New?" button and just below that the "New Posts" link below the banner.
(click thumbnail to enlarge picture)

Click either and you will be taken to a screen showing a list of threads containing new posts since your last visit. If there are not any new postings since your last visit, it will give you a message indicating so.
(click thumbnail to enlarge picture)

Clicking on a thread will take you to the very first post of that thread. In the picture below you will see I've circled the "View First Unread" link. Its this link you will have to click to be directed to where you left off on our last visit.
(click thumbnail to enlarge picture)

You can also click on any thread at anytime and if there is a new post the "View First Unread" link will appear.

I hope this helps and that I just didn't make matters worse! I think that with time all these features will become second nature to all of us!