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Thread: Astro Device's Nexus

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    Astro Device's Nexus

    Ordered a Nexus, an advanced wireless multifunctional telescope adapter, from Astro Devices last week. I tired of waiting on the USB version of SkyFi that was continually delayed for well over a year. Got pretty excited about capabilities of the Nexus and since it was shipping I decided to give it a try. I plan on using it with both my Obsession and MegaStar (without the Sky Commander) and with my iOptron MiniTower and Sky Safari Pro (once the firmware is upgraded with iOptron USB-to-serial support). Will keep everyone here posted on my experiences. Hope other Nexus users chime in as well. More info on the Nexus can be found here .
    I am in no way associated with Astro Devices other than being a customer.
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    Hey Mark,

    I've never even heard of the Nexus. What exactly does it do?

    I'll also check out the link you provide
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    I run MegaStar all the time in the field but have never hooked it up to my StarMaster dob or it's Sky Commander controller. My starmaster has DSC and goto although I normally only use goto for holding a field so I am less likely to loose track of which dim fuzzy in the cluster I was on and where I plan on going in that cluster/field. I tried a long time ago to work out how to tie my StarMaster into just MegaStar but did not follow that up.

    So I am curious as to your findings as well.

    What I would so love to have to save a bunch of time and error in the field is the ability to move to an object (pushto or goto) but then have the computer tell me where north is in the field. I mean right away with no messing with menus or field selection on MegaStar. Just do it. Slave the megastar and megastar goes right where I point AND something tells me the field orientation. Nice.

    I waste large amounts of time relative to the number of observations I do in a given night waiting for drift and then can be off by over 20 degrees sometimes due to scope settle before drift really works. I want to log PA and log it right. I am impatient and want to know where North is right when I get to my target area. If I knew even what position the top of my field was as I stand on the ground and gaze into the eyepiece that too would be fine. SkyTools is the closest I have seen to easily telling me this but it's interface is about the most ridiculous I have ever seen. (it's star fields sure look good though for simulation). Alll of this IS possible, I guess I just have to figure it out with more research.

    Just got SkySafari on my android tablet and WOW that is a REAL tool and not some sideshow although I'll likely stick to MegaStar with DSS integrated since I am so used to it now. SkySafari will tie into the WiFi scope controller like what you mention.
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