Recently, Jimi Lowrey and I had agreed that it was time that the astronomical community had a forum dedicated to the art and science of Deep Sky Observing. After some hard work, we feel we've brought you that forum.

Here you will find useful and important information to help make your deep sky sessions more effective and fun. We will discuss a vast variety of objects in great depth. From Bok globules to the furthest quasars. From Terzans to Shakhbazian groups. And from Messiers to Hicksons. Some of the worlds most popular and experienced observers will be here helping guide all of us through the furthest reaches of the observable universe.

You will not find threads about solar, lunar or planetary observing. Nor will there be topics about asteroids, solar eclipses or aurora. These topics, we felt, were already very well represented by many popular online forums. This is about the faint fuzzies we all chase after in our eyepieces. Its these objects and the techniques we use to find these objects that we wish to focus on here at

So thank you for stopping by. Our hope is that we've encouraged you to join and register. It'll take 5 minutes of your time and its FREE! We hope you find this forum as useful as your favorite eyepiece and that you'll be a regular for years to come!

Dragan & Jimi