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Thread: Hi, New to forums

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    Hi, New to forums

    Hi, glad to be here. I'm retired. I have been deep sky observing since about 1983. Most of my observing is galaxies which I love to observe and sketch. I have a 10" Dob and a 12.5" Truss Dob and dark skies within an easy drive.
    I have been looking for an astronomy forum that is focused on observing and not so much on things like equipment and collimation.
    Reading some of the threads it seems that I would have a lot in common with others here, and I even see a couple of people I recognize from other forums.

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    Welcome to DSF Galaxter.
    Clear Skies,

    Jimi Lowrey
    Fort Davis Texas

    48"F4 OMI/TEC
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    Welcome!! I hope you enjoy your stay here and that we can exceed any expectations you may have. You nailed it on the head. We try to focus on the visual aspects of deep sky observing and do away with some of the other stuff other forums seem to be so good at. we hope to make your observing sessions more interesting as you push your own limits and we're all here to help each other do just that.

    Great to have you!
    Clear Dark Skies,
    Dragan Nikin
    25" f/5 Obsession #610 "Toto"
    30" f/4.5 OMI EVO

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