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Thread: Hi - just registered and happy to be here!

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    Hi - just registered and happy to be here!

    Greetings. I have been reading here for some time, and finally registered. A long time observer, though like many, I have had some extended absences from the hobby due to various life circumstances. But have been back now a few years and plan to pursue the hobby for the rest of my life as actively as time permits. My current compliment of equipment is in my signature. The 17.5 inch has a Coulter primary refigured by OMI and I am the original owner, having bought the Odyssey II back in the early 1980s. My interests lie in observing DSOs and more specifically galaxies. I am a dedicated star hopper and really love printed sky atlases. Thanks for having me.

    17.5 inch f/4.5 AstroSky
    12 inch f/5 Apertura
    10 inch f/4.9 Zhumell

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    Welcome to the group Alan!
    Clear Dark Skies,
    Dragan Nikin
    25" f/5 Obsession #610 "Toto"
    30" f/4.5 OMI EVO

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