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    New member of the group

    I have been amateur astronomy since the early 1960's I did the astrophotography bit until 1996 when I went over to CCD imaging by building the Cookbook camera which was in use for about 4 years then I purchased a Starlight Xpress M7 camera I now use the 694 camera which I have found to be the best combination with my 350mm f4.6 Newtonian & the exceptional light pollution I suffer here in London England. Visual astronomy through the scope is virtually impossible, so its CCD imaging all the time. I have almost completed the Abell Planetary Nebula catalogue, & imaged many of the Messier, NGC, & other brighter objects over the years.

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    Hi Robbie. Welcome to DSF! Though we really do focus on visual observations of deep sky objects, I hope we can supply you with a limitless source of obscure objects to image!
    Clear Dark Skies,
    Dragan Nikin
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