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Thread: Greetings from Finland!

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    Greetings from Finland!


    I am a finnish ds observer and ATM mirror maker since 1992. I joined this forum awhile ago and enjoy very much reading all stuff here. Hopefully i could be more active in observing during the next season just about to begin here very north of Europa.

    My scope is nowadays an modified ServoCat driven Obsession 25" with a main mirror of my own, 490mm/19.3" f 6.52. The brand new 591mm/23.3" f 5.38 is not installed yet. As it may be understood I prefer the quality of image above all. After having observed briefly with two sub f4 scope(24"/42" they were great) i still think the longer the better. Seriously as mirror maker I will endeed go for sub f4 in order to be able to say i have done those

    Thank you all to be able to join in this very intresting and inspiring forum!

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    Hi Marcus, glad you'll be posting more, and it would be cool to see some photos of you scopes too!

    28 inch f/4 alt-az Newtonian

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