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Thread: 2017 Star Parties

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    2017 Star Parties

    Here's my plan so far

    NEAF Solar SP
    April 9-10

    Almost Heaven
    July 21-25
    I was at this last in 2006. I emailed the event and offered to give a talk or two. Haven't heard back. So if you're going let them know the only reason you're registering is to hear my talk.
    Mar 22-25
    The unlimited coffee , all night long.

    Kent Backwell's East Coast SP dates TBA.

    Rob Teeter's Stokes Star Party dates TBA
    18" f/3.5 Teeter Dob,
    82mm Kowa Binos
    Richmond Va

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    The OzSky Star Safari - April & October

    Have you ever thought about a trip to Australia and The OzSky Star Safari?

    The OzSky events are designed specifically for folks from the northern hemisphere so they can get under the southern skies in style with some big dobs up to 30".

    The main OzSky Star Safari in April 2017 showcases the Southern Milky Way including the stunning Crux/Carina/Centaurus region and the much smaller OzSky "Southern Spring" Star Safari in October 2017 showcases the spectacular Magellanic Clouds, as well as galaxies that are either too low or inaccessible in the U.S. in Fornax, Sculptor, Grus, Indus, Pavo, Phoenix, Telescopium and Tucana.

    Between the two OzSky event you'll have easy access to both halves of the southern skies.

    April 22 - 29, 2017 - The "Classic" OzSky Star Safari

    October 15 - 22, 2017 - The OzSky "Southern Spring" Star Safari

    Registrations for both events are now open and there are still about 10 places available at each.

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